Potting Up Oregano

We're starting to get regular frosts in the morning so it is time to finish the preparations for the basement herb garden. I hunted up some oregano in the front yard. The first year we lived in Cambridge I transplanted a lot of aggressive freebies like oregano, catnip, lemon balm, and mint into my flower garden just to fill space, so there's plenty still lurking out there. Here oregano is growing among some creeping phlox.

Oregano can be grown from seed, but it is also really easy to root from cuttings. Intent on world domination, oregano will start growing roots anywhere a stem touches the ground. A cold winter barely slows it down. Anyway, if you want to start a new plant, dig around in the old one until you find a clump with some roots on it and rip it out.

Tease the stems apart and discard anything that isn't oregano. Trim them up into similar lengths that will fit nicely in your pot. Select pieces that have some roots and some leaves. I circled the pieces I chose to keep.

Just jam those stems (rooty end down) into some potting soil. Oregano is not picky but it will be happiest with good drainage and full sun.

This is probably way more oregano than I'll need for pizza and pasta sauce, but I will have plenty to share in the spring.