At the Plot

Fall is a busy time in the garden. I'm pretty on top of things this year, yet I still hear "you're running out of time" in the back of my mind as the air gets cooler. There hasn't been a killing frost yet but I think we'll get one by Sunday or Monday morning.

I pruned the blackberry canes, planted a row of garlic, and hauled in a big bale of salt marsh hay for mulching. I know it looks like a heavy load but the hay doesn't weigh nearly as much as you might expect. (My sister-in-law, Heather, has been helping out with the gardening and took some pictures for me too.)

In the next picture you can see my "leaning tower of purple hyacinth beans", the brussels sprouts, a cover crop of crimson clover sprouting in the back, and the tomato bed I just cleared.

I tied up the asparagus ferns and transplanted a row of parsley into the front of the asparagus bed. Then I mulched with the salt marsh hay. I planted eight 2nd-year asparagus crowns this past spring, so next spring I shouldn't harvest any spears so the plants can get well established. (Ok, I am impatient and plan to sample a few next year)

The fall lettuce crop has been great this year. I was too busy to start my own from seed but had success with seedlings from Underwood Greenhouse and Wilson Farms. I am enjoying home-grown salads with the last of my cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onions.