Plot Preparations

Last weekend I got out to the community garden plot to start tidying things up and moving a few thing around. I've been working on my garden plan all winter. Crop rotation isn't easy in a small space but I'm trying to at least alternate heavy feeders like tomatoes or broccoli with light feeders like peas and beans. I'm also making room for some sour bush cherries, an apricot tree, and a shaded seating area if the carpenter-husband has time. Scale is 1 ft = 1 square of graph paper.

2015 Plot Plan

2016 Plot Plan

LBR stands for Late Blight Resistant Tomato. They are determinate and fit pretty well in a standard cage. This year I will try alternating them with "butterscotch" mini butternut squash. (I got the seeds at our seed swap and have been told that they form a neat mound rather than taking over.)

Actual plot from same orientation as the diagrams:

Of course, I didn't plan on getting a free used compost tumbler with an auspicious provenance. Not sure where that is going to fit but I'm very excited to give it a try.

The garlic is sprouting a bit. The blackberry canes don't look completely dead, but maybe I should have wrapped them in burlap.

Cucumber and bean beetles are rampant at the community garden so I'll grow those in my little backyard spot. I'm just going to have one small bean patch at the community garden so we can test out some of our bean beetle control ideas.