Plot 7-2

I picked the first tomatoes yesterday. The "Stupice" were just starting to turn color, so I took them home to ripen. I don't want to risk the voles eating my tomatoes too.

After consideration, the community garden has decided to allow soaker hoses (with a few common sense restrictions) to help conserve water. I installed my first one today in the tomato bed and I hope it will also help slow the spread of splash-borne diseases like early-blight.

The fava beans and a few of the second planting of radishes are ready. I sautéed the favas and we ate them with grilled hot Italian sausage. I think we'll have enough for 2 more fava meals, which is about my limit for shelling and peeling.

My second planting of pole beans is coming along with a protective hardware cloth barrier.

I was happily surprised to find pretty new potatoes when I pulled up a badly vole-damaged potato plant. Dylan grilled them up with lunch and they were delicious!