Planting Tomato Seedlings

There have been some delays in getting the water turned on at the community garden so I put off planting the tomatoes in the plot. On Saturday the time was finally right. I've set aside a 8 x 3 bed for a row of 6 indeterminate tomatoes (trellised using Florida weave). I find it is easier to space things if you lay out the plants first.

Tomatoes do well when planted deep, but sometimes you need to trim off a branch or two. I use a clean knife or just pinch if the branches are thin. Before and After shots below ...

If your plants are a little root bound like mine, loosen them up with your fingers before planting.

This year I'm testing out a little comfrey as a green mulch - just the leaves, I've read that the stems can sprout roots and then you have comfrey everywhere. I planted basil and marigold in the bed and maybe some of the alyssum seeds I scattered under the straw are still viable now that I can water properly.

I'll use a string trellis to support the plants when they are bigger, but for now a few twigs can keep them from being blown over.