Planting Fruit Trees

Many community gardens do not allow fruit trees, and I can see the reason - in tight spaces shading your neighbor's plot can be a big problem. Luckily we have enough space and I found spots for a few dwarf trees that won't bother my plot neighbors.

I ordered bare-root a 'Brookcot' apricot tree and two 'Carmine Jewel' dwarf sour cherry trees from Fedco. They arrived last week. I kept the box in the cool basement until I had nice weather to dig the beds out at the plot. I'm really excited. I know the apricot is a bit of a gamble with our winters but I LOVE apricot jam. Maybe in 3-5 years I can make some with homegrown fruit.

I'm putting the cherry trees along the fence between the arbor and the compost bin. I dug along the fence line and put some boards along the back of the bed. If we can get some wood chips I want to fill the gap and prevent weeds back there. Heather stopped by to help dig and even brought me a sandwich!

I lined the front of the bed with rocks and transplanted some chives, garlic, and sage from a different area. Eventually I would like this bed to be full of herbs and flowers under the cherry trees.

A few days later I came back with the cherry trees and planted them. I know they are a little close together but I promise to keep them pruned.

Then I dug up the spot on the other side of the arbor for the apricot tree and edged it with rocks. There are plenty of rocks available - it is called "Rock Meadow" after all. I also found enough pavers and bricks in the communal rock & trash pile to make a little patio floor for the arbor. I'll put down some cardboard to stop weeds and dig them in a bit more later.

Below: With the apricot tree planted.

My next big project is to build a little shade arbor over the patio stone area. I have my eye on some newly fallen lilac trees that could make a very nice rustic twig arbor.