Pink Season

After the spring bulbs and irises, my little front garden goes through a very pink and lavender phase. The stars of this show are the dianthus. (btw, dianthus are sometimes called "pinks" not because of the color, but for the crinkle cut edges, as in "pinking shears") Usually the creeping phlox contributes, but it had a rough winter this year.

below: I wintersowed this dianthus in 2016, the packet said "Fire and Ice" and showed white blooms with pink trim. These seem to be mostly "fire" but they are pretty cute.

Arkansas blue-star sets off the pinks nicely.

Above: I think the creeping pink one is soapwort and the purple blooms are "blue-eyed grass". Despite being the national flower of Bermuda, the blue-eyed grass was easy to wintersow and has made it through my cold winters for 3 years now.

Below: unidentified perennial geranium

I like when little yellow to perks up the pink color scheme. Below the "rose queen" salvia gets a boost from the yellow blooms of the sedums and coreopsis.

I love the swaps and sales, but I have to admit that things are getting pretty crowded. I've read that things "look best" when planted in grouping of 3's and 5's, but I guess my design goals are different. I'm going to have to start guerrilla gardening other people's yards.