Pierogi Sale!

As Dylan and I were picking leaves off mounds of basil we were discussing food skills we would like to attempt some day - sausage making, meatballs, cabbage rolls . . .  when suddenly he remembered, "peirogi sale today!"  Turns out the Holy Rosary Catholic Church near Dylan's office was having a Polish festival this weekend and was selling homemade pierogis as a fundraiser.  So we dropped the basil, kissed the dog, and headed into Baltimore.

It was a small festival, but there was Polish food, arts and crafts, a gambling wheel, traditional dancing, church tours, and a moon bounce for the kids. Many older people wore traditional Polish costumes and the younger ones wore Polish soccer jerseys.  We heard a lot of people speaking Polish and the darling ladies selling the pierogis had pretty limited English.

We decided not to wait in the line that snaked all the way around the packed gym for the cabbage rolls and potato pancakes, but we did get a grilled sausage and two dozen pierogis to take home with us. Naturally my first choice was meat (pork&beef) with sauerkraut but when the ladies explained that they used "special cheese" we decided to try a dozen of those as well. I am a total sucker for "special cheese." The plan is to brown these up in pan with a little butter and onions, paired with red cabbage or greens.