perfect timing

Yup, I broke my right elbow.  Fractured the radial head to be exact.  I was walking, admiring the cherry blossoms, and tripped on a bump in the street.  It hurts a lot, but I will be fine.  I have use of my right fingers, but only for things that don't require any muscles strength. In the right position, two handed typing is mostly not painful, but I won't be doing much digging, cooking, bassoon playing, driving, hair styling, dog walking, sewing, knitting, or housework for 2 - 3 weeks.  Looks like I need to get to the library for some books. Anyway, here are picture of all the things I was doing before I tripped.

I transplanted the lima beans out to the plot on Sunday morning and the favas have started coming up

On Saturday I went to the Mid Cambridge plant swap again. I brought chives, oregano, malva zebrina, sedum, and some plain green hosta. I came home with magenta lamium, false lamium, lily of the valley, a variegated hosta, pink bee balm, sweet woodruff, a comassa bulb, and a different sedum. It was fun to talk with people who get excited when you say "I have a bare, shaded, dry, hillside of death, what will grow?"  My front garden is still getting established, but the "Tulip yard house" looks great!