Peas planted

Dylan and I worked really hard over the weekend replacing much of the plot fence and the first planting has begun. I decided to use the two raised bed frames that the previous gardener left behind, at least until we have ours made.  Yesterday I planted favas, english peas, and my basement-grown red and white onion seedlings. Tomorrow I'll transplant all the broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and lettuce seedlings into the second wooden bed. The soil has yielded a few surprises - lots of broken terra cotta - but in general it looks good, especially compared to Houston's "black gumbo" clay or the hard rocky clay of my Maryland plot.

I potted up five of my biggest tomato seedlings: Rosella Crimson (a mini patio variety), Carbon (black/purple), Black Sea man (black/purple & potato leaf), and two "Ray's Pink".  Ray works at the service station on the corner and Henry and I stop by almost every afternoon for dog cookies. Last summer we traded tomatoes and I saved the seeds.


The perennials are emerging slowly but I am happy with the turn out. Many were started from seed last year and will bloom for the first time this season. I just need to learn not pull them out when weeding!

Above: Lupine, Below: Columbine surrounded by poppy seedlings.