Oh boy! a cocoon

I was excited to see this interesting cocoon covered with twigs on my porch this morning. I've got a nice praying mantis egg sack on the rose bush, so I though this might also be something cool.

I googled "cocoon covered in sticks" and quickly found out that this is bagworm egg sack - perhaps an interesting insect with creative taste in cocoon building, but not something I want to encourage in my garden. Ok, I was pretty grossed out.

Bagworms mostly feed on arbor vitae, juniper, and other conifers. Here's a helpful article about bagworms.

My plan is to snip off the twig that the cocoon is attached to. (Who needs a plant growing IN their front porch anyway?) Then I'll scout the garden for any others and dispose of them in the garbage. Maybe I should squash them first?