NY Sheep & Wool 2015 Fleece Sale

My favorite part of the the festival was the fleece sale. I don't spin, so I wasn't actually shopping, just exploring. All the bags were open so people could touch and inspect the fleece. They were organized into categories by breed and color. With so much raw fleece in one place the lanolin/livestock smell was pretty intense.

The fleeces were graded and a few had been awarded prizes. The prices reflect both the quality of the animal and the shearer's skill.

Different breeds produced very distinctive fleeces in a wide range of colors. Imagine what they would look like spun into yarn.

There was a special section for fleeces from "primitive" breeds like Icelandic and Shetland.

The festival even has a bag-check so serious shoppers don't have to drag 30 lbs of ripe fleece around all day.