Not fit for Canine Consumption

Henry likes something chewy in the evenings and we've been trying out rawhides, the Kong, and other options to keep things interesting. I read online that you can make sweet potato chews in the oven (much cheaper than the store bought kind).  Last night's cold front gave us the perfect weather for slow roasting some sweet potatoes and since the oven was going anyway, I also roasted pan of end-of-season ugly tomatoes.  

Unfortunately Henry declared the sweet potatoes a "non-food" item but Dylan and I think they're pretty tasty.  I might make the next batch with some olive oil and sea salt.  Henry also obligingly slept through the beef roast and green beans I made for dinner.  

Below: Henry is looking particularly Anatolian. He likes to lay in the grass and observe while I read the mail in the afternoon.

We got Henry a car harness so he can hang his head out the window on the country roads.