New fence at the plot

I've been pretty busy trying to keep the gardens watered, hosting guests, and this weekend I'm headed up to Vermont for a garden tour. In addition, on Saturday I went out to the plot and found that a varmint had taken out two tomato plants. I've tolerated the destruction of eggplants, peppers etc, but you don't mess with my tomato plants!

The "Stupice" and a cherry tomato plant were bitten through.

So I bought 55 ft of hardware cloth and spent half a day trenching and installing it. I also spread granulated "stink" around the perimeter. (it is an organic mix of rotten egg solids, garlic, pepper, etc that I picked up at the hardware store)

I hope that the plot is now at least rabbit-proof and vole-unfriendly. This season has been really frustrating.

If you would like to see something prettier, I posted a video on my blog facebook page of honeybees on the drumstick allium one of my plot neighbors planted (pictured at the top of this post). The bees really seem to love it. I may need to get a you-tube channel for videos but this is what I've got for now. The resolution isn't great when you watch full screen.