My new Pheasant

Over the weekend I added a 1903 Singer 27 with Pheasant decals to my sewing machine flock. We found it at a neighborhood yard sale. Who knew that you can fit a full size sewing machine cabinet in the backseat of a Toyota Corolla? (I love that car!) Dylan is quite the enabler. I think he is as excited as I am to have a restoration project.

The cabinet is in pretty good shape. Most of the decorative moldings are intact. The top veneer is a bit rough and may need some work so I don't snag fabric. I think I'll let Dylan handle the woodworking. The treadle moves well but needs a belt.

The sewing machine head has definitely seen some use but turns freely with only one spot that feels gummy. I'll take it apart, clean out the lint and old oil buildup, and add fresh oil.

We'll see how the machine head cleans up. Maybe I can remove the layers of grime and nicotine? without further damaging the gold decorations. I could also put a different machine on the treadle cabinet if I find one I like better.

I convinced the lady selling the machine to let me have the puzzle box of attachments as well. I think she wanted to make sure I was going to use the machine, not just turn it into a shabby chic end table.

I learned to sew on the 1960's Singer 237 that was my great grandmother's and also love the 1980's Elna given to me by Dylan's grandmother. They are both very useful in their own way. For instance, I can wrangle a full size quilt through the Singer 237 while the Elna does lovely delicate work and automatic button holes. The Singer 27 won't replace either of these but once I get it cleaned up I plan to use it.