My first fava beans

Neither Dylan nor I have ever eaten fava beans before and we finally got to try some from the garden this week. After peeling, blanching, and peeling again, we only had two spoon fulls of favas, but they were very tasty.  I hope to get another small harvest this year, but next year I'm going to plant twice as many, stake them properly, and start them 2-3 weeks earlier to beat the summer heat.

Above: Favas out of the fuzzy pods Below: Favas after blanching and peeling


It has been a busy week, but the garden is doing well.  I've been spraying a copper fungicide on my tomatoes to hopefully prevent the Late Blight that has moved into the area. It is considered organic but we try not to use any more than necessary. All the trellising and pruning is supposed to help increase airflow and keep off the blight as well. A few cherry tomatoes have ripened but it would be a shame to lose the whole big tomato crop.

Above: Florida weave tomatoes, lettuce going to seed, and borage Below: Thumb-sized eggplant

The lettuce has slowed down but we are still working on a few big heads in the fridge.  We've enjoyed the arugula and herbs in pasta salad and the green beans are really starting to produce. The cucumbers are flowering and climbing the trellises.  In hopes of a fall crop, I planted limas (the big kind), Kenearly yellow-eye beans (dry beans), and some shell beans that were on sale for $1.

Below: Cantaloupe! this variety is supposed to produce lots of softball-sized melons.

We happened upon some Revolutionary War guys at Washington's headquarters in Cambridge, just down the street from us, near Harvard Square. We'll have to come back and take one of the free house tours when we have more time.