My First App is on the App Store!

I am so proud to have my first app development project up for sale on the App Store.  The app uses your average last frost date to calculate when you should start seeds and transplant seedlings.  Kathy came up with idea, and created the planted calculations and I did all of the code. (Dylan advised)  I used Kathy's online planting calendar for years but this one is much more convenient - I don't have to print anything, I can choose just the vegetables I'm interested in, and the info is right there on my phone.  

Find it here:

If you like starting vegetables from seed, and live in a place with an average last frost date (so maybe not south Florida?) this might be really handy for you.  So far it is only available for iPhone and looks best on the newer operating systems.  I have installed and tested it on my iphone 4s that barely runs ios6 and the app works, you just can't enable the reminders function.  (at least until I learn a little more objective-C and can really get under the hood)

On Saturday I presented methods for controlling Late Blight in tomatoes as part of the Sustainable Belmont Healthy Yards & Gardens Fair.  I enjoyed sharing what I've learned and learning from the other presenters.  Putting together my presentation board was pretty fun too - just like science fair!  (the pic below was taken during the living room test-run)

and, the glaciers are finally receding!  I am on the lookout for snowdrops and crocus.

These are Henry's fangs of happiness. We only see them when he's rolling around with his legs in the air.