Mulch Experiments - Week 1

The vole repelling mulch experiment has been in place for about a week now. The set-up and on-going struggle is described in my previous post: Battling the Rodent Hoard. If you are local, you can take a look at this experiment in plot #2 at Belmont Victory Gardens. I put it near the fence for easy viewing.

Not effective: Chopped chive and coffee grounds/dog fur mulches. The chard and broccoli are heavily nibbled but at least have not disappeared entirely.

Somewhat successful: Comfrey leaf mulch - only a little nibbling. This might be more effective on a plant the voles find less attractive and there are supposed to be all kinds of soil nutrient benefits from comfrey mulch.

Winner: The mint/salvia/sage mulch is doing very well! Even after drying out and then some heavy rain, the delicate chard seedlings are untouched. They are suffering from a little sunscald but should recover just fine. I may need to refresh the mulch to keep up the potency.

In others areas of the plot I have spread some MoleMax granules (made with castor oil), but the verdict is still out.