Move-In is complete

The planets aligned and we managed to get a permit from the city of Cambridge, the shipping crates delivered by U-Haul, and a fantastic 2-man crew from a different company to unload them this morning. (give a round of applause for Vinny and Paul!)  The crates arrived over an hour late, but other than that things went smoothly.  It is pretty cramped inside, but Henry is enjoying the comfort of a few couch cushions - apparently hard wood floors are tough on the old dog bum.

Earlier this week I walked down to the Armenian bakery for pita bread to go with our Persian leftovers.  (This neighborhood is a wonderland of cheap, authentic mid-east and eastern mediterranean foods) The pitas are fresh, enormous, and 6 for $2! Of course I also had to try some other treats.

The turnovers had a nice cheese and herb filling, not too salty, with a yeast dough rather than pastry.  The Lamejun are kind of like Armenian pizzas. They split a pita and spread a thin layer of ground lamb, tomato sauce, and lots of spices.  The spices really make it exciting and different from our mother's "pita pizzas"  - and yes, both of us grew up with those on the menu at home. We love you Moms The lamejun come stacked and wrapped in a neat little package and they toast up crispy.  Next time I'll pick up some tangy yogurt to drizzle on them.