More Snow

Our car is really swamped from the last snowfall. Henry likes to sit on the porch and observe the street while we shovel. I may try to get a start on it this afternoon because we are running low on vehicle-required essentials like dog food and potting soil.  In the mean time we are getting around just fine walking and taking transit. I may be acclimating or just going snow-crazy, but I am starting to think that 20 degrees is not so bad and that anything above 30 is pretty nice. I took some pictures while running errands in Harvard and Central Squares this week.

Above: Cambridge yard art  Below: The Cambridge Skating Club.  The club was started in 1898 and they built this adorable club house in 1930. You have to be a member to skate, but it is fun to just watch the skaters on the outdoor pond.

Above: Moss garden and tiny cottage in a city planter-box in Harvard Square