More Flowers

I've been helping out my neighbor, Heidi, with weeding and watering and she gave me this delphinium as a thank-you. It is just starting to open and there are two more flower stalks. I keep thinking that my garden is full, but then I find a way to add just one more plant.

Above: the veronica spicata "Red Fox" seems to have finally gotten over transplant shock and is enjoying the front border.

Below: the snapdragons are really looking good this year.  The volunteers from last year's dropped seeds seem to be mostly white and yellow, but there are some nice pinks mixed in.

below:  I really love this guara and hope it comes back next year. The flowers are on nice long stems without being floppy or requiring a stake.

Insect visitors have been busy, the highlight was this tiny praying mantis. (on Dylan's hand) 

This "metallic green bee" was collecting a lot of pollen from the iceland poppy and coreopsis. They are native solitary bees that build burrows or nests in the ground.