More cucumbers

After last year's disappointing cucumber harvest I may have over corrected.  There are cucumbers everywhere!  We've been eating the smooth slicers every night on salad, the tiny ones went in a jar with tarragon, shallot, and white wine vinegar to become cornichons (gherkins), and I filled the cookie jar again with fermenting pickles.  Dylan has been taking the extras in to work to share with friends.

Above: Principe Borghese tomatoes dried in the oven. I'm keeping them in the freezer under olive oil.

So far my favorite tomato variety this year is "Stump of the World" but we like it best when not over-ripe and still a little tangy.  "Ernesto" produced huge red oxheart shaped fruit that fell victim to bacterial spot while still on the vine.  "Black from Tula" and "Cherokee Purple" have been a little weak this year but the flavor is still good. My canners, "Santa Maria" and "Opalka", both have a nice flavor but most of the "Opalka" got blossom end rot, and "Santa Maria" had a lot of trouble with cracking, making most of them unusable for canned sauces.

As for the Late Blight Resistant varieties, "Legend" and "Defiant" put out a lot of basic midsize fruit and "Jasper" has been great, producing many pounds of nice cherry sized fruit.  "Mountain Merit" was a bit disappointing - and those were the seedlings I started for our project!  I have volunteered to help organize the late blight resistant seedling project next year and I want to try "Iron Lady."

We're vermicomposting!  Dylan made me this beautiful worm bin and Jacob & Heather Farnsworth brought us worms all the way from Indiana.  I've still got a big pile out at the garden but this will help me compost year round.  We are keeping it in the porch closet/mudroom for now and I promise it just smells like damp paper.