Midwinter Gardening

Above: "Snow in Summer" and purple hyssop are still going under a blanket of snow.  The rosemary, lavender, scabiosa, catnip, yarrow, creeping phlox, and even the snap dragons emerged from the most recent snow drifts green and alive.  I've been planning next year's garden, ordering seeds, and just started wintersowing. Dylan was a big help prepping the wintersowing containers with drainage holes.

I haven't tried wintersowing before but it seems to be a good option, especially for perennials that like cold weather for germination.  This lets me save more space for the tender annuals and vegetables under the lights in the basement. It also gives me something dirty to do in the middle of winter. Most of the seeds were collected on walks around the neighborhood and community garden.

I planted seeds in 16 soda bottles today and over the next few weeks I'll add recycled lettuce and take-out containers. According to the collective wisdom of the internet, now I just leave them out there to cook for the next few months.  My neighbors are going to love this.

Can a blog have too many dog pictures?  Henry absolutely loves to play in the snow and it makes him so tired.