Midweek post

What's this? a midweek blog post!  Since Dylan has been riding his bike to work, he's been leaving his computer at home more often for me to play with.  I've been admiring the bulbs that are coming up and took a few pictures on yesterday's walk. I hope no one thinks I'm a stalker when I am taking pictures of their yard. Bulbs are an exciting new thing for me.

In case you were considering a visit, here's two more reasons: shawarma and backlava. We found another Armenian market/bakery that has the shawarma roaster things and a backlava guy - he makes the dough himself and you can really taste the difference.  Because the dough is fresh, it doesn't dry out, get crumbly, and they don't have to put so much syrup on it.  The sandwich is made with a drizzle of creamy sauce, assorted veg, and some sort of pickled root vegetable, but I also got a big jar of lebanese pickles to eat on the side. This place makes a good falafel sandwich too.

Henry has a hard life.