Merry Christmas!

This is the hat I knitted for Dylan.  I'm so glad he agreed to a little color. I used some earth-tone variegated yarn I got from the KnitWits Holiday Party yarn swap and plain grey wool from the stash. The colors are more muted from a distance. Turns out he's the only one to get a Christmas gift from me this year - at least before mid-January. Things just got away from me.  I didn't even make fruitcakes. (though I found one of last year's fruitcakes on top of the fridge, will taste test it soon) We did manage to get our little tree trimmed on Christmas eve and had a nice quiet holiday with Henry.

Sunday we caught a break in the rain and went out to Plum Island Wildlife Refuge near Newburyport. We saw a nice variety of ducks and the highlight was a snowy owl! I knew the snowys had been spotted in the area but did not expect one to be perched on a post in the middle of a field, at noon.  We didn't have camera equipment this trip but enjoyed just looking.  Afterwards we stopped at a seafood shack for chowder and fried clams.  

Warning- Worm Pictures Coming

Today the weather was sunny and relatively warm (40 degrees- haha who am I?) so I decided to harvest compost from the worm bin.  The bin was getting kind of full and I though the task would be more pleasant and less messy out on the porch than down in the basement.  I sifted through the contents, returned the worms and chunky stuff to the bin and put the compost on my hollyhocks. The worms got some fresh food and a nice new layer of shredded newspaper bedding before being moved down to the basement.