What a darling little melon!  It has been very hot and dry but I am trying to keep things watered.  The cherry tomatoes have started ripening but no blush on the biggies yet.  So far, no blight (knock on wood).  The peppers got a slow start but they seem to enjoy the higher temps.  This year I've got jalapenos and habaneros, italian, cubanelle, and green and orange bells.  The first italian pepper was delicious on flatbread pizza and I have high hopes for the rest.


We are experiencing a bit of a lull in the green bean deluge because some critter (probably rabbits) got in and nibbled most of my plants back to stumps. I've put up deterrent fencing so hopefully things can recover.  Until then, there's still lettuce and herbs. The Lacinto kale is thriving in the weedy back corner.  Every few weeks I chop off all the leaves, blanch it, and freeze it in little baggies.  I just don't feel like eating kale in the summer but I use a lot of it in winter soups and stews. 

The cucumbers are finally taking off.  The beit alpha (below) seems to be slower growing but puts on blooms sooner, while the boston pickling is getting huge with only a few blooms. And you may have noticed - the weeds are definitely getting ahead of me.