Little Brother Ties the Knot

This fall has been busy with two family weddings - last weekend we were in Greenville, SC to see Alex and Elly get married.  I used up all my witty wedding commentary on the last nuptial post so this one will probably be mostly pictures. Below: Alex and I before the ceremony - yep, I'm wearing that purple shirt again but I promise I washed it.

Mom and Dad were looking good. At this point in the ceremony I put my phone away and let the photographer do his job. Below:  Alex and Elly pose with Malcolm after signing the papers and making it official.

The reception was great.  I could have eaten gallons of the shrimps & grits and the cake was very tasty.  There was a variety of dancing, from "Gangam Style" to traditional polka.  It was fun to see my engineer brother break loose and dance like a crazy-man.

Henry survived his first boarding experience and is catching up on sleep after all that doggy day-camp carousing. He has also calculated how many long walks he missed and is determined that I make up the difference.