Lion Dance Parade

This afternoon Dylan and I took the T in to Boston's Chinatown neighborhood to see the New Year Lion Dance Parade. Dance troops, complete with drummers and guards, roam the neighborhood, stopping at various businesses. Business owners place symbolic offerings like cabbage and oranges by their door for the Lions. When the Lions arrive, they "eat" the offerings, usually spraying the cabbage out over the crowd. Then they dance and set off a lot of firecrackers. I'm sure there is more to it, but basically a successful Lion visit is supposed to mean good luck for the coming year.


I think the guys with sticks and spears are supposed to be guards.

After accepting the offerings at this grocery store, the Lions and crew head off down the street and the crowd follows.

Lions leave a mess.  We didn't eat in Chinatown this trip because naturally all of the restaurants were packed, but we will definitely need to visit again for dim sum.  The crowd was friendly and not overwhelming (maybe because it was only 28 degrees).

Then we went home and Henry "roached" for us under the coffee table. You can just barely see the exposed "Fang of Happiness." Honestly, he does this every night around 7 pm, it just never gets old.