Late Blight Strikes!

I found late blight on one tomato plant at the plot on Thursday, cut it off, and took it home to put in the trash.  Checked the tomatoes this morning and so far it seems not to have spread.  I've been diligently spraying Oxidate and a Copper Fungicide thing (approved organic) to keep it at bay.  Late blight is an airborne fungus affecting tomatoes and potatoes- the same one that caused the Irish Potato Famine.  Last year late blight took out all the tomatoes in the community garden within a week. The plants just melt. Scary. 

On the bright side, I've already harvested tons of tomatoes and there's about 8 little cantaloupes. They are ripening slower than I expected but it just hasn't been that hot. The peppers are finally taking off and the green beans are recovered from the critters. I guess the critters found something better to eat.

Below: the first habanero

I also found some Cornelian Cherries in an undisclosed location (ok, the cemetery).  They are actually the fruit of a dogwood, with a pit like an olive, and flavor like a sour cherry.  I think they might be tasty in a jam with another more plentiful fruit like peach or plum because of course there are some harvest restrictions. Like how many you can shove in your purse before the groundskeepers notice.