Last Lettuce, First Green Beans

Yesterday marked the longest day of the year and temperatures are really starting to rise.  Not "Texas Hot" yet, but the upper 90's can still be pretty brutal.  I went to the garden this morning for a quick harvest and watering, wearing my latest high fashion purchase: an SPF 50 long sleeved outdoors shirt.  By 10 am I was filthy, drenched in sweat, and ready to call it a day, but plenty of gardeners were just starting to show up.  I may be getting soft living up here in the "North" but we always used to say that the only creatures outside by choice in the middle of a summer day were "mad dogs and Englishmen."  

All six tomato plants in the original plot have fruits and lots of blossoms.  I'm going to attempt to bag a few blossoms for seed saving but that will have to wait for a cooler morning. (Bagging prevents accidental cross pollination and hybrid offspring when plants are close together)

The big tomatoes were starting to rub on the stake so I stuck a glove in there for cushioning.  I think these are my "Giant Yellow Oxheart" tomatoes but we'll have to wait to be sure. I'm nursing along  the last of my lettuce in the shade of the tomatoes. Below: I had no idea borage got this big.  The bright blue flowers are pretty and the bees love it so I think I'll leave it until I need the spot for something else.  

My latest invention:  Herb Spread

It is like a runny pesto/salad dressing that we spread on sandwiches or toast.  I harvest a bunch of random herbs (chives, basil, dill, oregano, rosemary) and use the stick blender to combine them with olive oil, white wine vinegar, a few pine nuts, salt, pepper and a tiny bit of honey.  It is really pungent stuff but we are now addicted. Come visit, I will feed you some.