Last Batch of Cherries

I ended up making another two batches of cherry-vanilla bean jam (pictured on ice cream), cherries in a vanilla-kirsch syrup, a second jar of fermenting cherries, and cherry balsamic jam. I think I'm done. I was starting to dream about cherries.  It definitely makes up for the disappointing strawberry harvest of maybe 10 delicious berries.  Next year I'm going to plant ground cherries, blueberry bushes, or something a little less attractive to the chipmunks.

Above: Cherry Tomatoes, Below: Cherokee Purple

The warm weather has put the garden in full gear.  We love eating dinner salads every night but I was thrilled to pass three big heads of lettuce off to our dog-sitter, still leaving six in the fridge.  Note to Next Year Self: plant NO MORE THAN 10 heads of lettuce, at two week intervals!  and once again, plant fewer snow peas.

The garlic has started to "scape," the favas are blooming, english peas are covered in pods, broccoli and cauliflower heads are forming up, four varieties of green bean in progress, tiny peppers and tomatoes growing, and because things aren't busy enough, I just started seeds for my fall crops; brussel sprouts, broccoli, and cabbages.  

I am very proud of the front flower garden.  Check out my pink snapdragon! The nasturtiums are a little out of control but I'm training them up little teepee trellises so the other plants have a fighting chance. I've heard you can pickle the seeds for use as a "poor man's caper."