June Veg

Today's harvest was a big head of Brown Dutch lettuce, spinach,  a little Black Seeded Simpson lettuce, a big handful of Kale, parsley, a green onion, and four strawberries.  About half the ripe strawberries go to the critters, so even though they are delicious, I'm wondering if the space might be better used next year. Here is the lettuce with my feet in the picture for scale.

Above:  The afternoon-shade side of the garden - Parisienne and Danvers Half-long carrots, beets, garlic, arugula, green onions, radish, more lettuce and some weeds.

Below: Snow Peas in bloom


So, who knows what this fruit is?  maybe Crabapple?  The tree is growing over my plot and I was thinking about trying to make jam. I tasted one today and it was horrible but maybe the flavor will improve as they ripen.