June Harvests

This year we've had a long cool spring with plenty of rain. I think I've watered the plot only 3 times since things thawed out. The lettuce and peas have loved it but the tomatoes and peppers are a little behind schedule.

I've got about a dozen nice heads of lettuce chilling in plastic shopping bags in the fridge. Homegrown lettuce stays fresh for weeks in the fridge, yet the stuff I buy at the store looks wilted in a few days. Lettuce seems to do best when I cut it early in the morning and get it home before it warms and starts to wilt. If I've got lots of gardening to do, sometimes I bring an ice-chest for the veggies.

As usual I'm losing some of the english peas to chipmunks but I've learned to over plant and we should get a few nice bowls of baby peas. At least this year the plants got a chance to grow.

The broccoli heads aren't huge but I like the side shoots. This year I'm growing "DiCiccio" and "Gypsy".

Garlic scapes - the flower stalks of garlic plants - are very fashionable but I'm still figuring out what to do with them. This year I whizzed them up in a creamy dip with dill, sour cream, cream cheese, and red chili flakes. It was pretty good.

The potatoes and tomatoes are flowering.

Off to the garden tomorrow morning!