July Flowers

My very first sweet pea blossom - ever!  I planted an old fashioned fragrant mix along the garden plot fence and they smell really nice.  The garden nasturtiums blooming and soon there will be marigolds and sunflowers.  The front garden is also looking nice.

Below: Purple alyssum, Pink Yarrow, Veronica Spicata "Red Fox" (the spiky one), hot pink reseeding thing I got from a neighbor, and yellow snapdragons. 


Above: Moss Rose / Portulaca volunteers from last year's plants and snapdragons

Below: Coreopsis from collected seed - some plants bloom almost all yellow, others are mostly red, unfortunately all of them are much floppier than the mother plant and have to be propped up.


Above: Left to right -ish: silvery thing is Artemisia, next silvery thing is snow in summer, dianthus, iceland poppy, black violas going like gangbusters, sedum, lamb's ear.