January Thaw

Since we are experiencing a nice little "January Thaw" I don't have to spend all my energy shivering and whining about the weather, so it is time to catch up on the blog. After the big snow storm we took our sleds (sheets of plastic) over to the park at Fresh Pond.  Dylan is quite fearless but I tend to drag my feet when things seem too fast. It was a lot of fun and we were still able to walk the next day.  

Last Saturday we went out to Wellesley to visit the botanic garden greenhouses on campus.  There were several different climate areas to wander through and we got to peek at the areas where students and faculty do plant experiments.  It was a great low-key (and free!) way to spend a dreary winter afternoon. 

Above: succulents  Below: Dylan and the pitcher plant. (I made him pose with it)

I have reorganized my seed collection a few times, check on the wintersowing containers every morning, but there is still no real gardening to be done yet. In the mean time I'm catching up on bassoon practice, making reeds, and eating lots of homemade jam.

We hung the feed sack quilt in the living room so I can lounge on the sofa and admire it.

Dylan and I are proud to finally be Crazy-Aunt and Weird-Uncle to little James Alexander Fannin.  Looks like he's got his dad's hair (or lack-of). We will have to visit soon.