Irises 2017

Irises are easy to pick up at plant swaps and local sales, but they often don't bloom until the next season. I think it makes for a fun surprise. The dwarf yellow iris below is a new one for me this year. It bloomed after the reticulated iris, but a good bit before the other bearded irises.

In addition to the regulars, more white irises appeared this year. I think these are from my sister-in-law Elly's yard in South Carolina.

With all the rain we've had lately, the bearded irises are having a tough time staying vertical. I've done some staking, but the blooms start looking pretty ragged after a few hours of rain.

This purple bearded iris, blooming for the first time in my porch-side garden, is slightly different than the big clump in the front yard.

Two bearded irises have decided to skip blooming in 2017, I hope this means I'll get a great show from the yellow-brown "belmont iris", and the lovely "red at night" iris next year.

The Siberian iris are the last to bloom. The front garden clumps are in their third or fourth year, so it is probably about time to divide and distribute. I'll do that after the blooms are spent.

A late blooming surprise out at the plot - white and purple!