I'm back from Texas

So, it has been almost two weeks since I've posted last and I hear that a few of my loyal readers are worried about us.  We are doing just fine, though I admit that the combination of election stress, lack of employment opportunities, shortened daylight hours, and the impending DOOM of Hurricane Sandy have put me in a bit of a funk.  A good cup of tea and recounting the positives of the past two weeks should lift the fog a bit.

Last weekend I traveled home to Texas in honor of my cousin Katy's wedding and to generally visit the family.  Dad started the trip off right with lunch at Taco Cabana after picking me up from the airport - I think retirement agrees with him!  (I know Taco C is a chain and therefore evil, but they have fresh tortillas and cheap margaritas and like 6 kinds of salsa, so they can't be all bad.)

The next day we headed to Floresville to stay with my grandparents. My grandmother is getting quite fond of the puppy, "Sydney."

The wedding was at the Catholic church in Poth (pronounced "Poe-th", not like "Hoth," the planet in Star Wars) and the reception was at the dance hall in Kosciusko (good luck pronouncing that).  Below: Alex and I outside the church. Little brother cleans up real nice - I'm looking forward to the wedding next weekend when he marries Elly.

The reception was pretty fabulous. There was barbecue, tons of cake, and dancing. Things started off with a lively Grand March that involved a good bit of pinching, followed by a lot of Texas Two-Step.  I even danced a little.  Most of my reception pictures are badly lit and kind of blurry but it was just that kind of night and I feel very luck to have been there.

Below: Katy is looking so pretty with a beer in each hand.

Alex and Elly watching the father-daughter dance.