I won!

Actually, I was chosen to "caretake" half of a garden plot because the original gardener couldn't handle it this year for some reason. I don't have to pay any fees or do extra community service, but I have to give it back next year if the gardener wants it.  Supposedly I was chosen from amongst the 1/2 plot people because I have a nice, well-kept plot.  After seeing the state of my prize this morning I get the feeling I may have been the only volunteer.  

Luckily the weather was in my favor (high of 70!) and I shovel tilled about half of the plot and planted a a row of tomatoes and a row of peppers and tomatillos. I'm planning on filling the remaining area with melons and beans. On the road to the farm where I got the plants I spotted a new life bird - an Indigo Bunting!

After Dylan got home from work we headed back to the Conservancy where the Howard Astronomical League was celebrating the transit of Venus.  There were lots of helpful nerds with telescopes and other contraptions for viewing the transit.