I have found the cheese shop.

Life can really begin now, I have found the cheese shop.  For Valentine's Day I walked to Formaggio Kitchen to pick up some cheese, ham, and bread for dinner.  Dylan and I like this sort of special occasion dinner because it is usually more affordable than a restaurant, but neither of us has to slave away in the kitchen to make it happen. Added bonus in this case was that since our furniture has yet to arrive, it is a meal that feels almost appropriate to eat standing up.  I walked up to the cheese counter, told them I wanted 2 cheeses for 2 people that would go well with pickles and mustard, and the cheese fairies provided me with some really wonderful stuff.  They also suggested a delicious black forest ham and I got pickles, horseradish mustard, and a loaf of sour dough on my way out. The next day I made some really great ham & cheese toast with the leftovers.

Yesterday we sold Dylan's car, toasted the little red car at an irish pub and then ventured to Ikea for some furniture.  At the pub we ate "stuffies" for the first time - like a stuffed crab but in a Quahog shell - delicious!  It was a long day, but now we have two comfy chairs, a little table for the kitchen, and a lot of rugs so we don't track the snow into the house.  Looks like it will snow most of today so we'll stay close to home. Here are some dog & snow pictures:

Henry loves to eat snow but we try to make sure it is clean.