I got my own plot!

It is official - I have my own plot at the community garden.  Polite persistance payed off and I am thrilled!  The plot is about 25 x 22, mostly full sun, near a water spigot, and the dirt looks nice. Dylan is excited to help repair the fence and gate and I have some digging to do. The two young women I was "cogardening" with were very generous to let me share but they can handle it on their own and I've offered to "plot sit" any time they go out of town or get really busy.   

"Plot in the Raw"

After Saturday's labors

On Sunday morning I planted fava beans, peas, and snow peas, and prepped two more beds. I found a lot of small strawberry plants scattered throughout the plot and consolidated them into a strawberry patch. I know strawberries can be tricky but these plants were free and I have the space, so it is worth a shot.

After gardening at the plot on Sunday morning, I came home and dug up some more of the backyard dog wallow and planted wildflower seed. The area I seeded last week is sprouting nicely but I have to really hustle on the watering to keep everything damp for good germination.  I'm hardening off snapdragons, breadseed poppies, hyssop, and catmint for transplant to the front yard any day now. It was good to work outside and relieve some stress after such a tense week. 

Below: All the neighbors went outside to chat and breathe the fresh air after the lockdown was called off. One guy was giving away eggs from his parent's farm in New Hampshire.  We had breakfast burritos for dinner that night.