Home Again

Dylan and I survived the horrible air-travel debacle and really enjoyed seeing everyone at my cousin Rachael and Bill's wedding this weekend.  We were scheduled to fly into St. Louis, but after cancellations etc the best we could get was Kansas City.  We arrived around midnight, rented a car, and headed down the interstate to St. Louis.  I would like to thank Dylan, RedBull, Espresso, Reeses pieces, and classic rock radio for making it happen. 

While we were gone it rained everyday, so in the course of three days the garden exploded.  Stuff is huge, including the weeds, but there are a lot of good things to eat.  For my birthday dinner we had fresh peas with butter, dinner salads with radish, onion, homemade croutons, and feta, and greek yogurt with cherry jam for dessert. I ate my weight in wedding desserts and BBQ pork ribs over the weekend so the vegetables were a nice change.

Below:  Shelling Peas and Snow Peas, Lettuce, Broccoli, Cauliflower, a radish and a garlic chive scape.

The cherry booze is coming along nicely, we'll add the everclear in about a week. On the left is cherries, white sugar, and vanilla bean. On the right is cherries, orange peels, natural sugar and kirsch.  They both smell great but are a sticky mess no matter how often I clean them.  I think the escaping gas pushes the syrup out under the lids.

It is too muggy to spend much time outside admiring my flowers so I brought some in.