Holiday Food

Above:  Beef stew with chive biscuit  Below: Cinnamon vanilla cake with homemade peach jam in the layers.  I like layers with filling, but that usually makes more cake than we need, so I just made one cake, cut it in half, and stacked it. Dylan just got back from walking Henry and is mixing up a batch of sweet yeast dough for sausage & cheese bread. 

Last night we tested out the weisswurst with red cabbage and my ugly spatzel. We really liked the light lemon and parsley flavor.  Turns out I should have done my research before hand though - weisswurst are a breakfast or lunch sausage and should be eaten with bavarian mustard, out of the skins.  So maybe we'll give it another shot for Christmas Day lunch.

Henry loves having us at home so that we can watch him sleep.  Unfortunately at 4 am none of us were sleeping because a fox was barking in the parking lot, upsetting Henry.  Dylan drew the short straw and watched PBS with him on the couch until he fell back asleep. Henry finds british sitcoms relaxing and the nattering drowns out the fox noises.