Henry settles in

Henry is having kind of a rough day - the CSX train derailment last night means we have lots of helicopters overhead and the road to the dog park is blocked off.  He's been sighing more than usual but so far it hasn't interfered with his 9:30am-5pm nap.  

Henry has mastered the "pathetic doggy" look and uses it on all our neighbors.  

Henry's evening behavior is finally starting to improve.  We think there are a combination of dog issues at work, the easiest one to deal with is the "OMG I have to poop (in 30 min) and I don't want to do it in the house!" Then we have nightly generalized anxiety, possibly caused by something in his previous home, and that is improving with the Thundershirt and lots of petting.  The newest thing is "Now that I'm not so anxious, I'm bored and would like to play with you but nobody ever taught me how."  I was so proud when he finally accepted a stick and carried it on our walk.

Below, Henry is playing "trust fall" with Dylan. He thought that was a great game.