Henry sees the Ocean

This morning we went to Halibut State Park in Rockport, MA to see some ocean. Swimming beaches can get really crazy this time of year, but since this park had no swimming, dogs are allowed on leash and the entrance fee was very reasonable.  We had a great time hiking around the old stone quarry, exploring the tide pools and relaxing in the sun.  Henry seemed to enjoy the hiking and relaxing but had no interest in getting near the water.  

Dylan has gotten used to my food-centric travel plans so he didn't bat an eye when I directed him to Karl's Sausage Kitchen and European Market on the way home.  They make and smoke most of the meats and sausages in the kitchen behind the shop.  Most were German style but they also had Polish and Swedish style sausages.  I picked out some bloodwurst, bauernwurst, landjager (dry hard sausage), a triple smoked bacon end (for beans and cabbage), melt-your-face hot mustard, and some fresh baked pretzels for the road.  There were a lot of other really good looking options but I only brought my small ice chest.

Yesterday Dylan helped spread a big bale of salt marsh hay over the garden to help keep the weeds under control.  This should also keep the soil moist in between waterings.  Strawberries should be ready in a few days and the first tiny tomatoes and peppers are forming.