Henry graduates from Doggy School

Last night we finished up beginner training class.  I'm not sure how much Henry learned, but we certainly learned a lot and it was really helpful to have an expert to ask whenever we had training or behavior questions. Maybe we'll try the "nosework" class next summer. In honor of Henry's graduation, we went to the bar together.  That's right, there is a somewhat local brewpub that encourages you sit on the patio with your dog.  We had beer and soft pretzels with mustard, the pup had water and dried lamb treats.  Henry was a perfect gentleman.  He laid down, people watched, and didn't pester anyone for food. He got to meet lots of new people and we were so proud.

It is pretty quiet around here since Henry is at the vet getting x-rays.  They're going to call me when he's ready to come home - no rush to send home a sedated 100lb dog that lives on the second floor.  When we get results, I'll post them.