Henry at the Dog Park

Henry had his first visit to the dog park on Wednesday evening.  It wasn't crowded and he enjoyed sniffing the other dogs and marking things.  We even got him to run around with us a little.  We went again this morning but the doggie chemistry wasn't as nice.  There will be no pictures of my poor sweet Henry being "dominated" by all the other dogs - even a little 25lb female gave it a shot.  Henry was easily the biggest dog at the park and we were all rooting for him to "stand up for himself a little" but he wouldn't even growl.  Eventually the other dogs got bored and Henry went back to sniffing butts, marking, and meeting people, but I think we'll be going in the evening next time.

We are proud to announce that he has gained almost 6 pounds since we got him, totaling 95.5 lbs, and the vet says to just maintain his weight from here.  Doggie school is going well - he knows sit, lay down, and on your mat.  He's a little slow on the more complicated stuff but thats ok.  We're teaching him to chew his rawhide in the evening and we've learned that if he starts getting really pesty and anxious, he probably needs to poop, but that it may take 25 minutes of circling the side yard.  I am so ready for cooler weather!