Happy Easter

Finally, some nice weather just in time for Easter. We've had the windows open all weekend. On Saturday I took the plunge an planted out the broccoli, lettuce, spinach, parsley, and onion seedlings at the garden plot.  The water is still turned off (due to possible freezing temps) so I can only plant as much as I can transport the necessary water. The garlic I planted last fall has come up and the english peas are sprouting. No sign of the sweet peas and the purple fava beans are sprouting, but haven't broken the surface. (I got impatient and dug one up to check)

Amazingly, my pea trellis is still standing. With all the tatty row cover and "structures" my plot looks a bit like a hobo camp, but I am happy with the progress. The 2-inch seed-blocker tool has proven to be very useful. Most of my seedlings won't even need potting up and the blocks held together really well. I haven't noticed any sort of root-bound fatigue even though many things have been in blocks a few weeks longer than I had planned due to the cold spring.

Below: Parsley in soilblocks

Out on the patio, my winter sowing project is coming along.  Today I transplanted the salvias ("Rose queen" and "Coral Nymph") and craspedia ("gold stick") I grew in the basement to the front garden. That will make room for starting the next round of lettuce, cucumber, etc. indoors under lights. The front garden is still a little bare but I am expecting great things. Dylan helped me move about a hundred pounds of hosta from the sunny front garden to shadier places in the back yard. There are tons of tiny volunteer snapdragon, zinnia, and sunflower seedlings in between the perennials, and there are still plenty of things to transplant.