Green Salsa

Lately the garden has been producing a lot of green.  Below from left: New Mexico Chiles, unripe tomatoes, Padron Peppers, cilantro, green onion, sage, Cubanelles, Green Bell Peppers, Melon #3, and the last of the tomatillos

I've been harvesting tomatillos for almost two weeks and saving them up in the fridge for a big batch of green salsa.  Tomatillos are kind of a pain to peel because of the sticky film under the husks but I love the tangy flavor. I used a basic canning-approved recipe but since none of my hot pepper plants survived (and I was too lazy/cheap to buy some from the store) it will be a mild salsa.  This actually makes it a more versatile - I can use it for enchilada sauce, green chili, blend in some avocado to make a creamy Houston style salsa to pair with my super hot red salsa, or just add some chopped jalapeño before serving.

Henry showed off his big scary barking voice for everyone at the Courthouse this morning when he noticed the Turkey Buzzards sunning themselves on the roof.  The buzzards were not impressed and I could just imagine worried people looking around thinking "where is that vicious, ill-trained dog? is it attacking that girl?"  I am consoled by the fact that he only barks at wild animals, not neighbors or delivery people.