Goodbye Broccoli

We got three nice heads of broccoli and today I finally pulled up the plants to make room for new stuff.  The red cabbage gave up the ghost before making a head so it got the axe as well.  The broccoli grew well and I'll probably try some more for a fall crop.  I think I'll stick to 4-6 plants because really, there's a limit to how much broccoli two people should attempt to eat in a short period of time.  We've also been racing to harvest and eat the lettuce before it bolts in the heat.  Of the varieties I grew from seed, the Red Sails (below), and Blackseeded Simpson made the nicest heads and have been slow to bolt.  

I totally over planted the sugar snap peas. I blanched and froze most of them for stir-frys and shelled the ones that grew too big and tough. Hopefully I can get the spinach blanched and frozen tomorrow afternoon.  I should probably just buy a second ice tray so I can blanche more veggies at the same time, but that would be too easy.  The onions are starting to mature and are so tasty that I doubt we'll have many left to cure in the fall.

First tiny green beens (Blue Lake)

The original plot (pre-broccoli removal). Tomatos are getting big!

"Hell's Half-Plot" is coming along but still looks pretty rough.