Giving Thanks

Late yesterday afternoon I took a break from cooking to take Henry for a walk.  I was so excited to use our new long leash at the fields by the community garden.  The long leash was such a fun thing with our beagle growing up, allowing her to run and explore while I stayed on the sidewalk. Henry and I did some good exploring, practiced "come", and he rolled in some poop.  Then we spotted a deer bounding across the far field - squinting distance, but Henry was very interested.  I said "Henry, COME", and he looked at me and said "Sorry Mom, I promise I'll be there right after I get you this deer. You'll be so proud." and took off running.  Before I knew it, nylon rope was burning through my hands and I ended up flat on my face in the dirt.  I should have seen that coming.

I did not lose the leash, and when Henry figured out that I was hurt he got worried and behaved like an angel for the rest of the night.  My left hand took most of the damage.  I lost some skin off my thumb, have a huge disgusting blister on the inner crease of my first finger, and that pink and green thing that looks like a spoiled sausage is my pinky finger. I am so thankful that it is not broken (and yes, Dylan made me get X-rays) and I am also thankful that it did not happen right before a gig.  From now on I'll stick to the regular leash.  


Before the excitement I did manage to make the corn bread and brown the sausage for the stuffing.  Because it is a special occasion, I used the sausage drippings to grease the pan and put the extra drippings in the batter.  So bad yet tastes sooo good. This year I'm doing a mix of corn and wheat bread with sausage, celery, onions, herbs, pecans, and maybe some jalapeños if I feel inspired - or rather if Dylan feels inspired.  He stepped up and offered to do the chopping and cooking until my hand feels better.  This may delay our Thanksgiving dinner until Friday, but that's not a problem.